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k57 RGB Issues

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Hi Everyone,

I have a k57 keyboard that, I think, is acting up. 

I only want a static color, preferably something yellow or white. I had it that way until I installed icue. 

Now, the only static color I get in wireless mode is static red (FN+0) unless I plug in directly into USB.

When I plug the k57 directly into USB, the color changes to my settings in icue. 

Is red the only static color available without wired/icue mode? 



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  • Corsair Employees

The K57 has different lighting capability depending on if the keyboard is connected via USB or 2.4ghz. When plugged in via USB the keyboard has per key lighting and more lighting effects, when its connected via 2.4ghz it is limited to 3-zone lighting. With the keyboard connected via wireless go into the lighting effects and then try and then make sure the iCUE software has the effect setup as you wish to have it.

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