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Hello everyone,

i just bought myself some new fans, and wanted to get some extra frames with a bit RGB 🙂

i have bought 4x 120LL and 2x 140mm Fans.

i use a Corsair 4000D and have the RGB Hub from Corsiar.

i use a 3rd Party Fan Hub and don’t  have the Commander Pro (yet)

i have installed all the Fans, and Cable managed everything to my liking, just to see that 5 out of 6 fans have no RGB, and 1 is not spinning at all.

i have arranged my fans like this : 1x 120mm in the back, 2x 140mm on the top, 3x 120mm in the front.

i have connected every fan to where it belongs, RGB headers into the RGB hub, Fan headers into the Fan Hub. (The Fan hub is SATA powered)

the back fan has RGB, but does not spin, the other fans spin, but have no RGB. 
I already tried plugging the RGB header of any other fan into the working spot (no fan lights up but the back one does)

i also tried plugging the not spinning fan into one of the 5 working spots, not spinning up.

Now my question would be, how i can fix this. 
do i get the Commander Pro, and will that fix it, or is the Fan and RGB hub faulty ? Or maybe the fans ? 
i really don't know to fix this, and im quite disappointed to see something so expensive not work.

any help would be appreciated a lot ! Thank you 

kind regards

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Try each fan on a mainboard fan connector just to check the one faulty fan. This is a pain in the ass to do because you'll need a long fan cable extension in order to avoid dismounting everything. Many of the fan hubs out there just don't have enough amperage to run all the fans properly. The manufacturers must assume that we wont use ALL the ports.


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The Commander Pro does not necessarily solve the issue, unless there is a problem with your PWM fan hub. The RGB issues are likely tied to one specific fan and not the controller itself. 

RGB and fan motor functionality are completely separate. One does not affect the other. For the non-spinning fan, connect its PWM wire to a motherboard fan header as suggested above. Do NOT connect RGB connectors to the MB. 

For the RGB side, the Lighting Node Core controller from the case is a serial device. If there is a bad LED or wire defect, the lights downstream will go off or may behave erratically if there is a intermittent signal. You need to connect them one at a time in slot 1 of the LNCore RGB controller and see if they all light up. In this instance, it would be logical to start with the fans currently in 1 & 2 since the defect appears to be at the end of fan 1 or start of fan 2.

Also, make sure you have properly configured CUE for that controller.  In the Lighting Setup for the Lighting Node Core, you need to set it to “LL fan x 6” in order to generator the proper number of LEDs  most controllers do not automatically configure and setting the wrong fan type or number would look like a fan RGB problem with a partially lit set  


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Ich würde statt dem Commander Pro , den Commander Core XT nehmen ....


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