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Corsair Icue 4000x - Fan Lights Failing after Only 1yr of Use??

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Recently, the 3 icue fans on my corsair icue 4000x case have had a large number of LED's stop working. A lot of the green and blue ones have gone very dim, started flickering, or just outright failed and will not turn on. This causes colours to show up incorrectly and its really frustrating me that the RGB on my fans has seemingly broken after only one year of use. I have not tampered with the fans or the cables in any way, I left everything as it was, already connected to the hub. I did not change any power settings with the fans either, and it makes no sense to me. After about a week of this not going away, I tried closing Icue and restarting it, I tried disconnecting and reconnecting both the fan power connectors and the fan RGB connectors, and I have restarted my computer multiple times to no avail.


😞 I'm stuck and I will be very disappointed if this is just a product failure. What do I do?

Has anyone else had this problem? Can I get replacement fans sent to me or do I have to go out and purchase a whole new set of fans.


In the photo, I have all of my fans set blue, green, and white. The reason that they aren't showing white is that either the blue or the green LED (or both) is broken on that segment of the fan.




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