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A Suggestion for iCUE and Corsair devices integrations


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Hi, I have some Suggestions for the iCUE software.

1. Make that we can assign device controls like toggle 7.1, and toggle EQ preset to any keys with the software key assignments menu.
-for example, we can assign Void Elite Wireless' Toggle EQ preset feature to any key of K95 or any other corsair keyboard. or Dark Core's change DPI feature to Void Elite Wireless' any button. so any device's any feature can be assigned to any device's any button. this will make corsair users' life much easier.

2. On RGB devices, add an option to disable all lights like dpi inductors, charge inductors, and profile inductors even when charging state.

3. On Some devices like VOID PRO RGB WIRELESS we can't assign any keys to anything. for example I want to assign the button on my headset to media play/pause instead of the mic mute toggle.

4. Make windows audio output changes to the headphone when I turn on the VOID PRO WIRELESS. and do the opposite when I turn it off.

5. We need new features for the iCUE nexus, it's good when you look at the reviews on youtube but it's so limited in use.
-Why there is no option to show the music name currently playing on the the PC?
-Why there is no volume slider that we can add wherever we want?
-Why we can't add device-specific buttons to any screen we want? for example, I want to add a button to toggle 7.1 of TS100 to my main screen. or lock/unlock windows keys of K95 from my Nexus's main screen.
-Why we can't put the output of a script to a label on the nexus?
add an advanced option the iCUE, runs a .bat file every second in the background and puts its output to a label on the Nexus we want.
-Add an option to completely shut off the Nexus when we want to turn off its screen.
-Make the screen OLED if possible. you can see a lot of people talking about the screen being very bad on amazon reviews.
-Add nexus to iCUE SDK so other software can add their own buttons or widgets to the nexus library.
-Make the widget's background transparent when the background option is disabled instead of black. so we can still see the menu background gif behind the widget.
-Add more options to the widgets like MAX Y, MIN Y. CAPTURE INTERVAL, CAPTURE TIME (the length of the captured data, for example, shows 60mins of data captured every 1min so 60 total points)
-I have lots of corsair device but one of them have a Nexus library, add a nexus library for every corsair device.

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