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Corsair one i164 blue screen

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Hello guys


I have Corsair One i164 and it's pretty new had it for like 2 year or so.. It was working great all that time until recently in the past few months.. I started getting a blue screen with the error code (WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR) as you can see in the picture


When I get this the only solution would be a hard restart of the system.. It happens in a very irregular manner.. Sometimes I get it non stop every few minutes.. Sometimes I get it once a day.. Other times I go weeks without getting it


Which makes me think, it's a software issue not a hardware otherwise my pc won't go a week long working fine



I tried resetting BIOS to default settings which worked for few weeks but eventually I started getting the blue screen again, then yesterday I tried clearing the CMOS by pressing the button on the back for 25 seconds then got black screen saying hardware settings have been reset to default which means I did it right (I didn't get blue screen yesterday after doing that, it only happened a day after.. Today)


I believe all these issues started after one windows update earlier this year.. I don't know which exactly but before that my pc was working great


Also one thing to note.. I always update whatever I see in the windows updates section but I've never checked or updated any drivers manually.. So if they don't show up on the windows updates section then they're most likely outdated since I've never checked for any drivers manually.. I thought I should mention that if it's a possible reason



Thank you


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My i160 had similar issues. On my part, I did a clean installation of Windows 10. The BSOD went away for a bit. And now came back with a vengeance. 
As a background, I had my Corsair One RMA-ed last year with the same WHEA_UNCORRECTABLE_ERROR as well.

The most common cause is the high temps from the GPU exhaust seems to be degrading the Samsung SSD and many has temporary respite of the BSOD after replacing the SSD but this issue will come back in a year or so.

Will be bookmarking your thread to see if any better solutions are offered. Good luck!

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