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Pairing devices to specific corsair dongles?

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I most recently bought a wireless ironclaw mouse and im trying to pair my virtuoso wireless headset to the smaller dongle that came with mouse but it doesn't seem to have the functionality where as the virtuoso dongle does? the ironclaw dongle states it has multipoint pairing. Am I doing something wrong or is this a dummy dongle that needs replacing?

im using icue v. 4.24.193

ironclaw mouse v 5.0.130

ironclaw dongle v 5.5.112

virtuoso headset v 5.3.70

Virtuoso dongle v 5.7.115

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The headphones have to pair to the headphone dongle. The smaller dongles will only pair mice and keyboards. But the larger virtuoso dongle will pair them all.

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20 minutes ago, TonyBelowkne said:

Thats pretty unfortunate, I would have liked a smaller dongle plugged in but thanks for the info.

Yeah, I get that. From what I understand, the headsets require a bit more electronics that just won't fit into the little dongle. I'm pretty sure it has to do with the higher bandwidth requirements of the headphones.

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