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Made some changes to my 5000D hydrox case

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So built my computer last year attempting my 1st hard tube loop. Went ok but ran out of tube and ended up using some soft tube for the GPU. Was never really happy with it even though it functioned fine.

Decided that I wanted a change and that I am not talented enough or patient enough for hard tube. Re-did it today with soft tube. Also relocated the pump so that I could add 3 front fans, added a fan in the back and flipped my mobo tray fans.

Let me know what you think!

Totally think Corsair should add an option to the 5000D case to place the pump where I have it now. More than enough room and people like to overkill with the fans! LOL.

Before pic and after pics.





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No idea why the before pic is upside down.

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