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HS60 causing issues with gaming mouse & sound delay

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About two weeks ago I acquired the HS60 pro Headset. I'm happy with the product itself, it feels good and music sounds great when it works. 
However, I observed multiple issues with the device so far. 

The Mouse Interference:
When gaming, or also just browsing or working on my PC, often times clicks of both mouse buttons as well as any other key on my MMO gaming mouse do not respond, buttons are held (which is not a function of this mouse), or requires me to continously click until it registers. 
These issues are not constant, but return frequently while the Headset is plugged in. 
Once the headset USB adapter is unplugged, the mouse functions without any issues. 
The mouse I use: Logitech G600

Sound delay:
Discord appears to have issues when the USB adapter is plugged in, and I'm aware there have been posts made on this forum by Corsair Staff claiming this is a discord issue. It is not. The same issue appears with other software and you will find many such reports all over reddit. It is not a discord specific problem and also not caused by discord, but by Corsair iCUE or the device itself. 
And I put this claim here, because it happened to me with Microsoft Teams, Discord and the Opera GX browser. And it is extremely unlikely that all of these programs by various different publishers, would cause the same issue on their side. 

I own another Corsair headset that I was very happy with, which is why I went for the HS60 as an upgrade. My older headset had an Audio Jack adapter which works with the HS60, but does not allow access to the iCUE software or Equalizer since that requires the USB adapter to work. However, once switched to the Audio Jack adapter, the mouse and audio delay issues are gone. 
This is no solution however, for a headset meant for gaming that interferes with a gaming mouse and does not work with Voice Chat programs which are also commonly used for gaming. (Especially when gamers are probably the main target group for these headsets.)

My drivers and software is up-to-date. Unless the iCUE download changed in the last 3 days. 

Any help, tips or comments of anyone observing similar issues would be much appreciated! 

Thank you for reading

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  • Corsair Employees

Hi Zevian,

Regarding the mouse stuttering, is this an AMD system? If so, this sounds characteristic of the AMD TPM issue that is currently known:


With the audio delay issues, this sounds very much related to USB, as you report it working fine with the 3.5 audio cable. How do you have the headset plugged into your system exactly? Is it using a USB hub or passthrough of any kind? 

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This sound delay issue is still going on with nothing working to fix it. I would use it without the drivers, but need the bloated iCUE software to turn the RGB off on my HS80 in order to preserve battery. Not only that, but iCUE is totally inaccessible to me as I am blind and use a screen reader. I need someone sighted to adjust all the settings.


I use a lot of Windows sounds, and they are delayed and don't even play if there are a lot at once. For example, I have set a short click for when a program opens. When I use this headset, the sound only plays once or twice a second. It plays normally when using another device, with and without a USB to 3.5mm dongle. It's literally just the Corsair dongle/headset. It does it in wired mode as well.


Clearly, it has something to do with the drivers. I've never had any headset other than Corsair exhibit this kind of behavior. Maybe it'll be fixed in some iCUE version that'll come out in a few years. Sorry, but I just don't have high hopes with how Corsair is treating our concerns.

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Yeas. It is a driver issue, and sadly Corsair has not done too much to fix it. Without the Icue installed, the headset(specially mic) will take 2 mins to response after plugin. With the Icue installed, the mic's response time is reduced to 20s. I think Corsair knows this issue, and they discontinued this product, considering it only being in the market for more than 2 years. 

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