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iCUE operation for newcomer

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I just got the K70 RGB Pro. This is my first buy towards a new gaming PC. Not real big on RGB but thought I go with it, why not. Just spend 15 minutes confused with iCUE. Am sure the programmer that wrote it finds it very easy but I find it as awkward as can be. I don't want to spend hours learning to use this program. Am thinking maybe rgb is a mistake. So my question, is there a manual for this? the tutorial videos are sweet and short and not very  useful. Am I the only one having issued with driving this iCUE? Wish I could of been part of the beta team, it would have had a much better GUI.

Where can I get a manual? Just want the keyboard lit on a solid color but not so bright. Can find how to reduce  the brigthness. And this whole concept of hardware mode and program mode is so convoluded. I've used corsair hardware a long time but this software seems to be their first shot at a GUI, and it's not so good.

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Hey there!

If you hop into device settings, the brightness level can be adjusted there:


You can also tweak the intensity of the color if you wanted to play around with brightness overall.

The difference with hardware and software mode is because we offer on-board profiles to be stored in the keyboards memory. This way you can take the keyboard to another computer without iCUE and still have some of your lighting effects. If you're mainly using it on just one computer, you can simply use the Lighting Effects options and these would apply once iCUE is running and detects the keyboard.

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