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ICUE/Armoury Crate conflict with new Asus Striz RTX 3080-010G-V2-Gaming


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PC (5800x, 32GB, B550-E-Gaming) has been working well with an older GTX1070 GPU, with ICUE and Armoury Crate (AC) (finally) working well together.

However, I upgraded the GPU to the above and now have the following RGB integration issues:

i) Asus (motherboard and GPU) RGB integration will fail mid game (need to toggle "plugins" in ICUE to re-enable RGB lighting).

ii) AC and ICUE conflict minimises the game, mid game, a number of times, and also crashes the RGB integration.

By other people's accounts AC/ICUE have been playing OK with other RTX 3080's, but does either software have issues with this particular GPU (V2- Gaming)?

Is there a known issue and is it being addressed?


PS I need AC to run an Asus Ryuo cooler, so no I cannot not remove AC. 

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  • Corsair Employees

You cannot be running Armoury Crate at the same time as the iCUE software if you wish for the iCUE software to retain control over the RGB for your Asus devices. It is required to be installed, but you should not be actively running the software.

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Thanks for the reply, but unfortunately there is this an issue with AC and/or ICUE that breaks the integration mid game. Desktop lighting integration is fine, but fails in every game. Worked well with the GTX1070, but not this specific model of RTX3080. Reinstalled AC and ICUE and temperatures are OK under gaming loads.

Any other ideas anyone? 

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