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H150i Elite Capellix Firmware 2.10.219 disconnecting

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Hi guys,

Since the firmware update or since the update of my iCue software, I am curently having issues with my H150i Elite Capellix.

Indeed, I am playing when sudently I hear an USB disconnecting from my PC and my H150i Eleite Capellix is not anymore drived by the iCue software. My CPU is obviously stressed by the heatten... I have to restart my PC to fix this.. but this is definitively NOT a way to get it right.

What can I do to fix my problem ?


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I do not have the solution....and I am pretty sure that is the latest version 4.24.193 that causes the problem. Since then, my pc keeps beeping disconnecting most probably due to usb the H150i elite LCD (for my part) and reconecting. If i close iCue it's solved but not anymore with fan control and so on....

Steps that I still have to do:
1) Full reinstall

2) Downgrade waiting for a fix.

No other ideas...

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I just came to this ....it may be the reason since I got AIDA64 as well...Need to check that out tonight


"This happened to me recently and I could not for the life of me figure it out.

Turns out it was my hardware monitoring software Aida64 conflicting with icue...or icue conflicting with hardware monitoring software.whichever way you want to look at it lol.

In the stability preferences in Aida64 I had to uncheck/disable the Corsair Sensor support items and Asetek LC sensor support.

Apparently icue and hardware monitoring software both conflict with each other trying to read the same information at the same time.

I haven’t had the issue since.

Same goes for HWINFO.there is an option to disable it in there as well.


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