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Good afternoon. I just built a new system with the H170i Elite LCD and the Asus Maximus Z690 Extreme. I have 7 fans total - all ML 240 RGB Elites (including the 3 that come with the H170i). The 3 H170i fans and an additional 3 in the front of the case are all plugged into the Commander Core. The remaining 7th fan on the back of the case is plugged into the motherboard. Here are my issues:

1. All of the fans are spinning, but only the 3 fans on the H170i are lighting up and registering in iCUE. I know the fans are daisy-chained in the Commander Core and a bad fan in the 4th slot could also cause problems for 5 and 6. I still need to troubleshoot this, but my question is - does each fan need to be plugged into the same PWM and RGB port, or are they independent? For example, can fan 'X' be plugged into the #5 PWM and the #4 RGB on the Commander Core, or does it need to be in the same number for both?

2. Regarding the 7th fan plugged into the motherboard, where can I plug its RGB into? The Z690 Extreme has RGB ports on the motherboard, but they're different from the ones on the Commander Core. Does that matter? If so, can it still be controlled in iCUE like the motherboard can be?

3. What's the best way to use Armoury Crate along with iCUE to prevent any conflicts between the two programs?

Thanks in advance!

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You will need an additional controller for the 7th RGB fan as the RGB header cannot be plugged into anything else without damaging the LEDs. If you wish to prevent conflicts between iCUE and Armoury Crate then you cannot run both at the same time as that is how the conflicts happen. The iCUE software allows for control over the RGB on your motherboard with the exception of the +5V ARGB headers as we have SDK integration with Asus RGB motherboards and GPUs.

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