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Corsair ICUE H150i ELITE LCD can I connect it to W_PUMP+ (3A 36W)

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There was no manual included with directions as to what connection I should use. 
I connected the pump to AIO_PUMP header first as my motherboards manual said. Then to CPU_FAN because otherwise I had to enter BIOS and disable the CPU connections, and then I disabled them and connected it again with AIO_PUMP header.

Which one is the the right connection and is it better if I connect some fans to the motherboard instead of the Corsair Commander?

Will it work with more amperes and Watts?

CPU_FAN header 1A 12W   q-fan controlled Shared control A

CPU_OPT header 1A 12W  q-fan controlled Shared control A

AIO_PUMP header 1A 12W full speed

W_PUMP+ header 3A 36W full speed

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the AIO is powered through SATA, not through the fan socket. the connector for fan socket is here only to report the pump speed to the motherboard to avoid having the CPU fan error on boot. If you disabled that alarm, technically, you don't even need to plug that wire.

So, the prefered socket indeed is CPU_FAN.


It's also not adviseable to connect the fans to t he motherboard because their speed is controlled by the water temperature of the AIO. The motherboard doesn't have access to that temperature. Removing the fans from the AIO also defeats the built in fail safe that makes the fans run at full speed if the water gets too hot. The Commander should really control the fans at all times.

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Thank you LeDoyen.

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