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3 loop build with xd3 and xd7 pumps

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Finally completed my computer, it has 2 xd3 pumps, 1 xd7 face down, 3 360mm radiators and a single 120mm radiator. Graphics card is a watercooled EVGA FTW3 3080, 14tb of m.2 storage, an i9 10850k and 64 gb of ram.




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that is one busy case.

I can't see what you're watercooling with the two other loops. the CPU seems to be aircooled

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ah now i remember, you showed it before! So it's basically the finished build now 🙂

you already have our comments on the loop design hehe 

I didn't see previously that you do not use the main PCIE slot, that severely hinders your GPU performance. the second slot is a PCIE x4 (connected to the chipset, and not directly to the CPU) so you have cut by 4 the GPU throughput basically. worth knowing

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