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Allow having multiple actions per key.


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Hello, Love the usefulness of iCue. But I have run into a roadblock. I often use iCue to fix what I think are bad game input designs. One such example is Halo Infinite Campaign where I have macros for swapping to and using equipment as one keystroke instead of having to swap to and then use equipment over two keystrokes.

Fast forward to (or go back in time?) to The Division 2. I have found that I really want the grenade behavior to be that when I press and hold X to show the throw guide and then when I release X to then throw the grenade. Unfortunately the game does not allow for this behavior. Also unfortunately iCue does not allow me to add this behavior either. But if one could assign more than one action to a single key then it would be possible. I could have one macro be the pressing of the X button in game and have it trigger while the key is pressed and then have a second macro set to press left click on key release. I also have some DPI related stuff that I would like to do while changing profiles also bound to the same key. So when I press the M key to bring up the map I want it to change the DPI and the profile to change what some of the other keys do. All this could be fixed by allowing multiple actions per key.

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