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ICUE V4.24.193 wrong CPU Temp

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Today i Updated to V 4.24.193. After the Update my CPU Temp is Displayed 10 °c higher. Core Temp, HW Monitor and AMD Ryzen Master shows 41°c and ICUE shows 51°c. Just wonder is this a known bug? Have a H100I Pro if this maters. 





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The iCUE software reports overall package temp for Ryzen. Also running other hardware monitoring software at the same time as iCUE can cause bad data such as incorrect temperatures so it is not advised to do so.

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Jumping in to report the same "problem."

What's actually happening is that as of 4.24.193 iCue is now reporting t_ctl instead of t_die for AMD CPUs, which is giving "false" readings because t_ctl includes the offset whereas t_die is the true temp.

In OP's case, t_offset for a 2700x is exactly 10 degrees, hence the discrepancy between iCue and Ryzen Master. Anyway, iCue doesn't actually do HW monitoring itself, it just leverages a third party library (cpuid, I believe), so I'm guessing the latest iCue version includes an update to that software which is what's really responsible for the change in behavior here.

Corsair folks, any chance of reverting this behavior? It's a little annoying to have to mentally subtract the offset every time I glance across at the temp.

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