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iCUE version 4.24.193 - Tiny Tina game integration plugin not working as expected

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When I boot Tiny Tina's wonderlands, the plugin always at least partially works, my system colors go a mix of white, light green and blue. From this point there are 2 different scenarios I get:

- most of the time this white/light green/blue color scheme just stays constant while I play the game, it never changes, seems like a bug.

- on rare occasions, I'd say roughly 25% of the time, the plugin seems to work as intended and the color scheme changes based on what's happening in the game, like an intense green when I travel to the overworld map, red when I'm low on health or down, some cool blue lighting effects when I throw my clawbringer hammer.


I've had a few different versions of iCUE 4 throughout the games release, every new release seems to make no change to this plugin, is this the same experience everyone else has?

My RGB components affected: H100i Elite Capellix, 8 QL series fans controlled through a combination of a commander pro and the AIO, Vengeance RGB Pro 32GB (4 x 8GB) Memory Model CMW32GX4M4C3200C16W, K95 RGB Platinum keyboard, Scimitar RGB Elite mouse

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Delete the Corsair folder in the %PROGRAMDATA% folder, then open the Windows Apps & Features menu, find the Corsair iCUE 4 software, select MODIFY, and then repair the installation.

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It took a couple of restarts before iCUE recognized my RAM again, but it finally did. The lighting plugin worked when I booted up the game for the first time, hopefully the good luck continues!

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