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Virtuoso Wireless XT hissing/white noise & Mic LED slower with iCUE installed

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Hello everyone,
let's cut to the chase: If I install iCUE, the headset starts making a hissing/white noise sound whenever there is sound playing. Of course I can try to lower my windows sound and pump up the program sound, but when listening to something quite the white noise is VERY persistent and annoying. 
Upon uninstalling iCUE the hissing is gone and nowhere to be found and cannot be replicated. I have found this post, but the help there did not work. I think the issue is the same though: iCUE does not uninstall the Windows driver and windows is using the faulty windows driver. In completion with iCUE it is doing the hissing sound.

Another issue I am having with iCUE is the mic LED. Without iCUE installed the LED is white when unmuted and red when muted. Muting and unmuting changes the LED immediately. Upon installing iCUE the LED is green when unmuted and changes slowly to red when muting urself. But the delay is about 2 seconds. Can the delay be turned off somehow and how do I fix the white noise? 

Just so the question won't be asked: Sidetone is off. I have tried soft resetting my Virtuosos

I hope somebody can help me, since I'd like to take use of the equalizer, since the virtuosos need the EQ for better sound.

Thanks in advance

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