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Corsair H100i Elite LCD (RED ICON problem)

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Hi. After 3 days of fighting with detection of Commander XT by my computer (for this reason there was no Cooler in ICUE), I suddenly managed to activate it...

But ... the LCD now shows a red triangle.

What's most interesting,.. it is listed as Commander in the Icue program.
Cooler and Commander are detected by Windows and BIOS.
I checked the Pins on the inputs and plugs, they are ok. Shutting down windows and unplugging the power in a few minutes.

The cables are connected as they should

I reinstalled the cleanup program in % appdata% directories etc. like others done.
Reading data from sensors available and correct.
but LCD is showing  triangle.


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See the large thread discussing the Elite LCD issues. There is no universal solution and what works for some does not work for others. 




If you don’t connect that wide power/data cable from the pump to the Commander Core, then you just have a Commander Core and CUE will show you the controller rather than the pump face. This is complicated by the lcd top having its own usb device path, but may suggest the problem is the wide data cable. It seems like you already tried it, but power down, PSU off, unplug the wide cable from pump to Com Core, let it sit a minute, then reconnect and power up. That should force the unit to recheck all its connections. 

However, based on your ddr5 above I’ll assume you are on a Z690 MB and detection issues have been common when using 3 or more of the Commander Core, Commander XT, and LCD top (in any combination). Most users have trouble getting 1 of them to stay active. How are you connecting to the MB usb 2?  Com Core + LCD top splitter and XT direct?  Powered usb 2 hub?  The best solution other users are reporting is a usb 3->2 adapter to device (or hub) to stabilize the detection issues. 

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Windows 11  ,Asus B660-F DDR5, Intel 12700

I already had Corsair RGB hub that come with Case X570 (connected by other type cable) and later bought [Pump with LCD and Commander XT] 

To motherboard I try used it separately and together with the splitter.

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ok it working now.
It's good that you mentioned disconnecting the cable connecting the LCD with the Commander. I done it few times but this time I did it while the computer was turned ON (I know it's risky that way for many reasons). The CPU temperature jumped up and after putting it back I did a forced update of the Commander in ICUE ... And eureka.

The LCD still shows in ICUE as Commander but now the options have come to control the LCD and it lights up correctly instead of showing red icon


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OK, hope it holds.  This has been a very frustrating issue for a lot of people.  Incidentally, the controller with your AIO is a "Commander Core" and the "Commander Core XT" is a different, but visually similar controller (not to mention the name).  Just FYI.  Corsair naming is extremely repetitive across products but those little XTs, Pros, and Elites have significant meaning when it comes to problem solving.  I think with just 1 Commander Core, 1 LCD top, and 1 Lighting Node Core (from case) that you might not need, you should be OK without needing to offload to USB 3.  

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