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H115i Elite Capellix and latest iCue.

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I recently upgraded to the latest version of iCue and ever since, my AIO cooler and all fans connected to the included commander core are not accepting any downloaded lighting profiles and so far I have only downloaded from Corsairs site. It is possible that I have altered a setting in iCue but I cant find one that disables lighting settings from profiles and I have double checked lighting effects is selected when importing the profile. The fans seem to be working fine, it accepts any of the pre-set scenes.

I also have a K55 RGB keyboard which accepts the lighting profile but doesn't add the full profile, looks like it only accepts half the settings. I also had an issue when I upgraded that the keys stopped working, uninstall iCue and the keyboard worked fine. 

I have checked the compatibility list from here and all my hardware appears to be compatible so am I missing something or is this a bug?


  • H115i Elite Capellix and commander core
  • LL120 LL Series, 120 mm Dual Light Loop connected to commander core
  • K55 RGB (model RGP0031)
  • Scimitar Pro RGB


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Apologies, didnt add what I have done to fix the issue.

  • Uninstall of iCue including removing the folder and registry keys and clean install of the latest version.
  • Downgrade to last version of v3.
  • Installed v4.9.350 which has my keyboard working again but not the lighting on the fans connected tot he commander core.

Now I need to go back and re-program my key settings which is a pain but not the end of the world.


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Any thoughts on what may be causing the issue?

Also, the typo above should have read - what I have done to try to fix the issue.

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On 5/29/2022 at 4:10 AM, StrikedOut said:

I recently upgraded to the latest version of iCue and ever since, my AIO cooler and all fans connected to the included commander core are not accepting any downloaded lighting profiles and so far I have only downloaded from Corsairs site.

Can you confirm profiles from Corsair's site worked before on the H115i Elite Capellix, but do not now?  Most users run into this in a slightly different way.  In order for any shared profile to work (user to user or 3rd party creation), it must be programmed for each device you have.  So if Corsair release a brand new ZL120 fan tomorrow with 64 LEDs, none of the profiles will work because none were programmed for the new fan.  A fair number of profiles on the Corsair download page pre-date the release of the Capellix AIO coolers and its Commander Core controller.  As a test, try downloading Cyberpunk or Valorant that were created after the Commander Core and should provide lighting for its fans and the pump.  KBs typically fare better because all keyboards have a similar layout.  However, you do see some keys get dropped if the profile was not specifically made for that model (G-keys, standard bottom row, etc). 

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I had downloaded a few, mushroom cloud, avengers, both Halo themes and I am sure I tried Cyberpunk too. Originally, they all worked on all devices although the keyboard was a little hit and miss but the AIO fans were fine. I will test again with the Valorant and Cyberpunk profiles as I may have not tried again since a clean install.

Cause they did work, I believe it either going to be a setting I have changed (or something else I have done, not used iCue to its potential until I installed the Capilex along with 3x LL120 fan.

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Hadn't noticed it before but under 4.9 the LL120 fans were not lighting up and the Cyberpunk and Valorant profiles didn't import. Updated tot he latest version, came with a Capellix update too. Now showing the correct fan layout installed the 2 profiles and both working so I guess either an issue updating through the various version or was a setting I had changed.

Last question, what is the difference between scenes and profiles when it comes to lighting?

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I am not sure what happened there. The profiles should not care about firmware updates. CUE version number does matter. If the profile was created on 4.10 or later, then 4.9 or earlier won’t be able to load it. 

Profiles are individually configurable settings for lighting, fan speed, pump, key remaps, or anything else your hardware can do. It is device specific and   lighting can be programmed down to the individual led level. This is where most users will set up their lighting because they also set up device properties or functions at the same time. 

“Scenes” are a system wide master override for lighting only. It will change every CUE capable device to the lighting selected. Your only option underneath that is to opt the device out of the scene and return it to its underlying lighting program. It is similar to using a “Lighting link” effect within the profile, except scenes are always the top dominant effect. Lighting link effects can interact with other lighting effects on the same device (a lighting link color wave on top of a static white background, etc). 

There are a few different ways someone might use scenes. For a user with multiple devices who only needs one profile for cooling/kb assignments etc., scenes can be a quick way to change the lighting across all devices in a temporary click on, click off fashion. It allows any user the ability to throw up a global lighting pattern with a a few clicks. I most often use it to turn off all the LEDs with a static black layer that can be one clicked on when I need to leave the pc running overnight. 

It also can be useful to the person who has multiple application or specific profiles they shift in and out of for key bind or macro specific reasons where the lighting is not important. The scene lighting remains constant as you change profiles. Other users may want the exact opposite and need a lighting change to confirm the profile changed. Those users would program profile specific lighting and not use the scenes. 

Scenes are temporary and not exported with a profile save, although scenes you create are stored in the CUE app data. Profile data is device specific and exported to a profile save file. 

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Thanks for the info c-attack, would have replied sooner but not receiving notifications.

Happy now everything is working as it should so thanks for your recommendation, pointed me in the right direction and also now know about the older profiles.

Much appreciated.

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