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sp 120 rgb pro displaying wrong colors

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i never set any other color than blue on my sp rgb pro fans and it's ok. looks like blue.

today I have set "orange" and it looks  like "lime" green.... 

I have tried different tones of orange but they look green or pink...  everything but orange....

i am using icue 4 latest version and the fans are set on 8 led fans

do you think it is an hardware or icue related problem??

I have tried other solid colors and some look really weird.

maybe my fans can't show all colors??

I'm sorry for bothering always the same users but they are the most active @c-attack @DevBiker

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Is this all fans?  Or just some?


If LED related, a shift toward green when displaying orange suggests there is a problem with the red LED.  Try setting a full 255/255/255 white to see if it looks true.  Also try setting 255/0/0 red and see what happens.  However, if this is all LEDs, we may need to look for another source.

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hi attack. first of all i want to really thank you for being so kind to help me every time I "call" you.

so, here is white



looks like lite blue.

here is orange (255,140,0)



looks like yellow

and here is yellow


that looks greenish...

and ok, full red looks red, full blue looks blue and full green looks green but

I have also noticed that every color i set not on maximum intensity looks mostly all the same bleached bright color.

light red looks pink.   light yellow looks green,  light blue and light pink look white.

I don't know maybe it's a physical limit of my fans.  I know that they are "cheaper" than others but anyway it's quite disappointing.

They could simply call them  "3 colors fans" because you can't mostly see any color in between the main 3 bright colors.

I was never aware of that because (fortunately) usually I like my setup set on all blue.

I tried to set my ls100 bars on orange and I see they also look yellow. (i don't post a pic because they are too bright and look like white).

my mouse pad (other brand) gets perfectly orange.  all colors are perfect and you can enjoy different shades of color.

why have i decided to change color.  i was believing everythig was fine and now I'm disappointed...

by the way I'm going to post another issue in the icue zone. see you there...



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i forgot to say that the fans are brand new as i had to return the previous kit because of a defective cable on the controller.

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Posted (edited)

It looks like it’s not outputting the correct red level, but I am concerned the color inaccuracies are on all the fans and happening on the LS100 as well. Give me a little time to try and replicate this later today. 

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1 hour ago, c-attack said:

It looks like it’s not outputting the correct red level, but I am concerned the color inaccuracies are on all the fans and happening on the LT100 as well. Give me a little time to try and replicate this later today. 

oh attack you are a golden boy.   thank you so much for supporting me.

take all the time you need.   just ask me if you need any extra information or test.  thank you. 👍

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it's me again.  I tried to set orange 255,140,0 on all my hardware and I found out that

the ram are working fine, i mean, they look quite "orange".

the h150i pro pump looks fine. orange.

the maximus x hero and the gtx strix look like a darker yellow.  a little better but I wouldn't call that orange.

my mouse pad is also working great (but it's another brand)

the worst effect is on the fans and the monitor bars.

I could understand icue not working well on asus hardware but it should work on its own fans and bars.

well, I'm here if you have news.  hopefully good news.   see you 


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Unfortunately actual color output is subject to a few things besides the RGB values.  The material over the LED is definitely one of them.

Asus MB, etc. - No surprise here and this has been going on for a long while, regardless of the program used.  Asus orange is washed out.  I used to input 35 or 50 for the green value at the most for a medium orange.  Also, MB LEDs tend to let me down time and time again.  I prefer off these days and let the other stuff do the job.

RAM - This is the quintessential 'slightly different'  component.  Besides various light diffusers on top, these seem to be problematic for color accuracy.  My Dominators with Capellix LEDs are always a bit darker and require their own value separate from everything else.  So regardless of whether you have Vengeance, RT, Dominators, or GSkill, color tweaking here is expected.


It's the rest of the stuff that is bugging me a bit.  I've used your 255-140-0 value and set my LS100, LT100, and ML-Elite fans.  I get a light, slightly translucent orange typical of what you might expect for orange juice in a glass.  It is consistent across all three products.  There is some clear yellow influence as expected, but not green.  But when moving to 255/255/0 yellow, LT100, LS100, and ML-Elite definitely have some green tones.  It's more like Nike neon Volt and not a 'daffodil yellow' or what most people would typically consider pure yellow that is in fact something more like 255/225/0.  I do think your white looks quite blue and I do not get that on my ML-Elite.  My LS100 kit is pretty old and starting look warm and fuzzy on white.  The L100 is ice cold white, so again three visible differences.  


Considering this is even across the fans and some device differences are expected depending on material, design, and possibly age, I don't think this is a complex software defect or serial controller failure.  If you've been on blue for a long time and this is your first venture into intermediate colors, then I this is probably going to be a bit bumpy as you search for colors that are pleasing to you.  Some RGB colors are hard to produce and do not turn out as expected.  Yellow can be a difficult one.  5 years ago I am not sure you could buy an RGB product that did a decent yellow.  My suggestion is to further lower your green value for the orange until you find a richer hue.  It may be slightly different for each product and while a bit of pain, is likely worth the time to find the one you like.  I just imported a very old copy of a "heatwave' profile that was a flowing blend of orange tones.  I had the Asus MB set to 255/20 and then various values between 255/50 and 100 for the molten orange look on other components.  I think some tweaking on your end will help and is normal.  

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