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Virtuoso XT not showing in iCUE

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Can connect the headphones by either USB or Wireless, and Windows detects them, but nothing shows up in iCUE.
Software version 3.38.88, and showing "You are using the latest version of the application"
Uninstalled iCUE. Shutdown PC. Boot up.  Reinstall iCUE.  Only shows Strafe RGB keyboard and Scimitar Pro RGB mouse.
Headphones only show up in Windows audio profiles (as Corsair Virtuoso XT).

Any ideas?
Super odd that the issue persists regardless of USB wireless, or direct USB cable connection....and that Windows 10 sees it but not iCUE.

corsair 2.jpg

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  • Corsair Employees

The headset is not compatible with the iCUE 3 software which has been discontinued over a year ago, and relegated to legacy device support only. You will need to download and install the latest version of iCUE 4 from the Corsair website.

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