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LL120 RGB Fans not spinning

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Hey, I have recently bought 3 LL120 fans, however, they are not spinning but just have the RGB.


I have the MSI Z370a-Pro as a mainboard and the Corsair 570x as a case with the 3 preinstalled fans.


I noticed the mainboard doesnt have enough 4 pin connectors so I bought the Phobya 4Pin PWM on 4x 4Pin Splitter.


I attached some pictures to see what I exactly did. 


The rgb hub should be connected correctly as well as the led controller.


I hope somebody can help me16536598908228690934650429873715.thumb.jpg.caf1c02c04932e4bbca9fbe64148f8df.jpg16536599074766411156505242553884.thumb.jpg.71eae3410bd5bf553cb221bd955b2bbd.jpg

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You are going to need to reach out to the manufacturer of the PWM fan hub/splitter for assistance with troubleshooting their product.

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you have to connect the motherboard PWM to the port with the pin descriptions, the bottom one, then the fans on the two ports above that.

But as Notepad stated, it's not a Corsair issue, it's something to do with how you connected the PWM splitter

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Also, if that 4 way splitter does not have its own power source (SATA or molex), don’t connect it your motherboard headers or anywhere else. Most fan headers have a 1.0A limit. 3 LL have an “average” peak current output of 0,90A but I don’t recommend this. It’s cutting it a bit close and peak current is a dynamic value. 

In general, using 3-4 way unpowered cable splitters can be problematic even when current levels are low. Many have issues with the PWM signal and you won’t have control. The better method is a “PWM hub”. This is a SATA powered control box for 4-10 fans. It then uses 1 fan as the control for all the others and connects to the fan controller with 1 connector. 

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