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iCUE switches keyboard profile when computer sleeps

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When my iMac goes to sleep, and monitors go dark, iCUE loses track of which profile it should be running. When the computer wakes back up, my keyboard shows the "default" Rainbow profile. Yes, I have made my chosen (static) "Normal" profile the actual default (I've triple-checked that).

If the computer stays awake long enough, iCUE will eventually discover the problem and switch back to my Normal setting; but that may take a minute or more, and doesn't even always happen. I don't think this occurred in previous versions of iCUE. It's not a huge problem, but the dynamic Rainbow pattern is a bit distracting when I'm doing serious work! And why should iCUE forget what it's doing just because the computer sleeps?!

My system: iMac Retina 4K 2019; iCUE v. 4.22.203; macOS 12.4 Monterey; Corsair K68 keyboard; action figure of Albert Einstein propping up the monitor. I apologize (A) if this problem has been addressed before (but I couldn't find it), or (2) it's a simple setting I should be able to find myself.


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