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K95 Platinum RGB LED replacement

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I have a K95 that is a few years old, and a couple of the leds have died. I can't figure out what kind of smd led these use to get a replacement, as I can't send it in under warranty at this point since it's too old and I've already repaired some broken switches myself. Can anyone point me to the right part? I can fix it if I could source the exact part but it's been near impossible to find an answer from the searching I've done.

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It's been a couple of months, did you manage to find the model that they use?

I'm having the same problem, able to repair it, but unable to find the damn part..

My own K95 Platinum has started to mess up on me, some of the LEDs are lacking the green color sometimes, randomly choosing whether it'll work or not, and as the days pass by, more of them exhibit this behaviour.

Can't RMA it either. :<

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