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About a month or so ago maybe, when I did the most recent updates for the headset and dongle on my PC (windows 10 and latest iCUE version 4.x.x) and also having done slipstream pairing both my corsair dark core SE and my Virtuoso SE to the Virtuoso dongle... I realized it created 2 different playback devices (see attached files/pics). When I have my cable plugged in and I switch back and forth between wireless and wired modes, they don't automatically switch in windows anymore. 

I noticed this happen when I was playing games (about a month ago maybe?) and chilling on a discord call when all of sudden the audio just seemed to break and then I noticed that there was the 2 playback devices now instead of the 1 after trying to figure out what was wrong. Everything works fine still except for the seamless transition between wired and wireless where I have to physically click to change the playback device for either the wired or wireless. It's even more annoying because I have to switch it in discord because it seems discord doesn't pick it up either unless I switch it in discord settings. 

Things I have tried:

  • I tested this on my other gaming laptop (windows 10) iCUE version 3.x.x legacy except on my laptop it only shows 1 pair of input and outputs in device manager and only 1 playback device and works with no problems switching back and forth. iCUE versions are up to date on both my PC and laptop also all the way up to date with windows updates.
  • Resetting my PC erasing all files and apps and it still seems to set up the same way with playback devices and in device manager.
  • Uninstalling the Corsair Virtuoso devices showing in device manager, unplugging the virutoso, restarting, uninstalling iCUE, restarting, re-installing iCUE. Nada.


I'm not really sure what the issue is. If the firmware was the issue wouldn't it be affecting my laptop the same way? Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks in advance.


  • Windows 10 (latest up to this point)
  • VIRTUOSO SE WIRELESS RECEIVER Firmware v.5.7.115 (latest up to this point)
  • VIRTUOSO SE Firmware v.5.3.70 (latest up to this point)


My Corsair Virtuoso no longer seamlessly switches back and forth between wired and wireless without me having to go to windows playback device and choosing the corresponding wired or wireless version. Everything else works fine. Any advice much appreciated. 

Screenshot 2022-05-25 192407.png

Screenshot 2022-05-25 192532.png

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That happens to me too. I have to switch in discord too, it messes up my recordings in my games. I don't get why there so many drivers for the headset. I don't get why it doesn't seamlessly swap between wired and wireless. The cheaper HS70 swaps but not this one which is considerably more expensive. 

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This is still relevant to me even 9 months later. Trying to figure out which device to use where, and in what program is incredibly tedious and if I had known the headset worked like this I don't think I, or anyone else, would have been keen on purchasing or using it. 

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Okay I am super pissed off. Today I gave in to iCue's incessant request to update my virtuoso and I deeply regret it. My Windows 10 no longer switches automatically from Speakers to Headphones when i turn out the headset. Or the other way around if I turn it off.

I am a big corsair fan - today I bought the K100 air + Sabre wireless mouse and I own several other Corsair product. However unless this gets resolved at some point I will be reconsidering purchasing another corsair product.

And I will surely never update firmware of anything Corsair-related ever again.

Can anybody get us some attention please?

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