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Poor Documentation Costs Sales!

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I am an instructional designer, game designer, and documentation expert of 40 years experience. IMHO, it is not that the iCUE software is complicated. It is simply some of the worst software documentation I have ever seen in a retail product. It is TERRIBLE!  It fails to even consider the first time user and launches off on all kinds of pointless "shiny object" lighting effects. I bought a Dark Core RGB Pro mouse. I wanted precision in my gaming and vector graphics. I was told at Best Buy that I can program sensitivity, button functionality, and so forth. There is not even a line drawing that shows the mouse with call-outs of the nomenclature for the eight "programmable" buttons on the device. The tutorial videos are poor examples of instructional programming and miss the obvious basics. Here is a hint Corsair: If you write technical/instructional documentation that the first-time user can understand, those who are journeymen users and experts will sail through the whole schmeer easily. Otherwise, you have an overworked tech support staff saying the same things to customers day-after-day and frustrated customers who feel ripped-off! There is literally no paper documentation for the user. There is a multi-fold paper outlining the warranty. And there is a "Safety and Compliance Information" folder in FOURTEEN languages. Of 24 panels in the folder, exactly TWO are in English. And who says Corsair has no sense of humor? In one of the panels, a tiny, microscopic photo (with four nano diagrams!) explains how to remove the battery by removing four tiny screws, with an admonishment to recycle used rechargeable batteries. OK... But then, two inches away, under "Battery Safety Guidelines," we are informed that the product has a "non-user serviceable...battery." Does that mean that the battery must only be serviced by the user, or could it mean that non-owners are prohibited from servicing said battery? Who can tell? But in the very next bullet, we are informed "DO NOT attempt to remove the battery." WTF??? Then what was the point of the single diagram in all of the documentation for?  Clearly no corporate lawyer reviewed the "safety" warnings and no English native-speaker was ever to asked to read the verbiage for clarity and criticality. Does Corsair realize that crappy documentation ALWAYS causes consumer issues and costs the company retail sales? Evidently not.

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So an und an einen Absatz einfügen , wäre auch mal schön gewesen .... Da bekommt man ja Kopfschmerzen beim Lesen 

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Remember the 90's when you bought a mouse? you had the driver floppy, whatever serial/PS2 adapter and a beefy manual in every lenguage possible detailing everything from plugging to installing, and all details of the settings program with screenshots showing every window.

Today, motherboards manuals still follow that, but when it comes to Corsair, we're in quick start guide territory.

Technical writing is a job of its own and i wish Corsair invested in that a little. Very often we see people coming to the forum to ask really simple questions that should be covered in even a basic manual. They get stuck setting up their brand new shiny device for nothing. Not everyone is a computer guru.

Video tutorials are not a good replacement.. they are fine for hands-on installation instructions, mechanical work, but a manual is way faster when it comes to looking for specs, setup instructions, etc.

Definitely room for improvement, and it's not just Corsair!

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  • Corsair Employees

Thanks @Randall C. Reed for your feedback about the current documentation for the iCUE software and Dark Core Pro RGB mouse.  With the nature of iCUE being an ever evolving platform that accommodates our growing product lineup, the ICUE How-To Videos and Support Knowledge Base currently serve as the main tutorial resources for their flexibility to be updated.  New tutorial videos are published on a regular basis as product specific features and ecosystem enhancements are implemented.

If there is a specific topic or tutorial you feel the community would benefit from, we're open to suggestions that can be presented to the content team to review.

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Surely text is much quicker to update than shooting a new video.


The bit I want to know is before installing ICue what does it do.


Does it allow me to remap all the keys and what is the format of the input file to do that.


Basically a simple text Get Started BEFORE installing iCue.

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