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Crash when change profile in v.4.24.193

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I updated iCUE, I configured before some profiles for different application for my keyboard and the profile change automatically when the application is select.

But now everytime I change profile, manually or automatically, iCUE crash...

Can you fix this, please... ^^'

(And the "bip bip" in my ears every time I change profile is horrible)

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Try running a repair of the iCUE installation by opening the Applications menu, selecting the iCUE software, and running the repair option

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I am having the same issue. Running a Corsair Scimitar Pro and a Virtuoso SE on Windows 10. I have two profiles one for general computer browsing and a second one for gaming where my side keys are linked to the extended number pad on my keyboard. Every time I use my mouse button to switch profiles or manually select a different profile iCUE crashes. I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling but still get the same issue, creating a new profile also crashes iCUE. This does seem to have only occurred since the recent iCUE update. This is now quite frustrating!

You will also have to be more specific as to where exactly this so called 'repair option' is located.

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On 6/24/2022 at 11:50 AM, Great Grandma said:

I'm having this same issue, also running the scimitar pro and virtuoso se.

Can confirm iCue is also doing the same on my end, I use a Katar Pro Wireless and K35 Keyboard. I've done the repair option, I've completely uninstalled and manually removed the folder Containing Corsair anything, and reinstalled it. and it still disappears/crashes after loading the software even in Admin mode.

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