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K95 RGB copy profile to device memory

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It's been a while since I have needed to write a profile to my K95 RGB onboard memory and I can't seem to find how to do it now using the last two versions of iCUE (just updated to 4.24.193 version this morning). I thought I used to be able to do it from the profiles screen using the little dots or the memory icon but there is no option there that I am seeing.

After doing quite a bit of searching here in the forums and other online searches the only thing I could find was a video showing a K70 having a place to write to the onboard memory from the Device Settings section. Looking at mine, I do not have that area show up for my K95 RGB. Is that the location where I should be seeing this for the K95 RGB?

I have tried a soft reset, updated my firmware to 3.08 and as mentioned iCUE is at 4.24.193 now. Would appreciate any info in pointing me in the right direction. Hope I am not just missing something obvious. 🤪 



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The K95 RGB keyboard only allowed for basic hardware lighting to be saved to the onboard memory of the keyboard. You can see those available settings in the screenshot you provided where it shows M1/2/3 Hardware Lighting. 

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Thanks Corsair Notepad for the reply. How do we copy the lighting from our profiles to those 3 slots? We used to be able to just write the lighting from the profiles to the onboard memory slots.

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