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H100i Elite LCD - missing Screen Setup option


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Hi folks,

Setting up a new install including a brand new H100i Elite LCD AIO.

I went looking to tailor the display which I thought should be possible, but couldn't see how to do it.

After some judicious googling it appears I may be missing a menu item called "Screen Setup".

I found a reddit thread from another user with the same problem and their solution was to remove the top of the cooler and reconnect it and reconnect the various connections and it worked for them. I tried that, but it made no difference for me.

I am also using my new NZXT internal powered USB hub which arrived this morning, but that has made no difference either.

I have checked for a firmware update, but it says I am on the latest - I am on 2.10.219

This cooler is brand new for me so I cannot say if the option was there and has suddenly vanished, or was never there at all - I don't recall ever seeing it. Possibly it may have been temporarily removed while Corsair look at some fixes, I don't know.

Is there anything else I can try ?

I am using the latest iCue, fresh download as of 15 mins ago, on a brand new Windows 11 Pro build.




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Update - and an interesting one at that 🙂

Since my post above I have made some changes. I just happened to have a "spare" X570 motherboard available to me so I swung that into play.

I moved all the hardware (CPU, cooler, NVMe and GPU to the new motherboard.

Reinstalled Windows (onto the same NVMe, blowing away the old install), but went with Windows 10 this time instead of Windows 11.

Lo and behold, installing the same version of iCue I had yesterday it prompted me to install new firmware for the cooler, but the version number it wanted to install is exactly what I posted above - 2.10.219. I let it install that and now I have the mythical Screen Setup menu option I have been chasing.

So it would appear that something was awry with my earlier setup.

The obvious differences are:

  • Now Windows 10, previously Windows 11.
  • Current motherboard is ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Formula (X570)
  • Previous motherboard was EVGA Dark (X570)

My thinking is that because EVGA are quite new to the AMD world, potentially their BIOS is less mature than ASUS who have been doing AMD BIOS (and Intel obviously) for a long time. Maybe something in the EVGA BIOS wasn't talking nicely to iCue. Dunno, I am guessing here.

In the next few days I may try "upgrading" to Windows 11 and see if that variable changes anything.

I really liked the EVGA motherboard so am a bit conflicted now, but I have used many ASUS motherboards and they are generally rock solid so its not really a downgrade, more of a crossgrade. Plus now I have 4 RAM slots instead of 2 so can use the full 4 stick Vengeance kit I originally bought.

All's well that ends well 🙂

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Posted (edited)
On 5/23/2022 at 9:34 PM, Salsiccia said:

I found a reddit thread from another user with the same problem and their solution was to remove the top of the cooler and reconnect it and reconnect the various connections and it worked for them. I tried that, but it made no difference for me.

This is generally the cause and communication issues between the LCD top, Commander Core, and motherboard have been a hot topic with some very long threads. There are no automatic fixes and some solutions work for some and others do not. 

There are a few things you can try. 1) If you are not getting data/options or getting bad data (negative coolant temp), shut down, flip off the PSU, disconnect the special wide cable from the pump to Com Core, wait 60 seconds, then reconnect and power up.  That should force the top and controller to reboot. 

2) This is not exactly the same as the AMD detection issue and so the hub does not always help. We also see users on Z690 having issues, which is a new twist. It seems to be picky about how devices are connected. Try splitting the Com Core and LCD top apart and connect individually. One will have go to the hub and the other directly to the motherboard. The other complication is if you also have a Commander XT. Those three devices seem to have trouble sharing real estate. Usb passthrough connections will compound the issue. 

3) And thus option 3 is a USB 3->USB 2 internal adapter. Whether it’s voltage or chipset design, a lot of users find this to be the only solid solution. You have to burn a 3.0 internal for it, but you’ve already done a lot of work and this may be easier. 

I do not think Win 10 vs 11 is a factor. This is basic hardware/voltage level stuff. I can’t make any recommendation on the motherboard and I don’t think I’ve seen anyone else specifically discussing EVGA. It seems problematic to have to choose between the LCD top and your motherboard. 

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Thanks again c-attack, everything you said makes sense.

I also don't think it is a Win 10 vs 11 issue, but it is all working as I want now so I am happy.

The ASUS motherboard is actually a slightly cleaner solution for me as I also have an ASUS GPU so now with Armoury Crate installed iCue can see the GPU and I can manage that as well so its a cleaner and more integrated environment now, plus I can now use all 4 of my RAM sticks. Cabling is a bit more of a challenge with this board though, but there's always something to play around with 🙂

Now with the motherboard OLED display and the H100i LCD display and the GPU colour panel I can run stress/benchmarking with the fan colours as a traffic light temp gauge and the displays showing the actual numbers - happy days 🙂

I also have a sensor panel I will set up to mount in the case for later when I can't easily see the various displays / colours.

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