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iCUE 4.20.169 (possibly earlier) Key Remapping is quite broken

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Just when I thought iCUE was done crippling me, I discovered that my key remappings will no longer work for me.

I want to swap the keys presented by Backspace and bar/backslash with each other, but once one key is mapped, its previous definition is no longer available, so I can complete the first step and remap Backspace to bar/backslash, but it will not let me remap bar/backslash to Backspace.

Similarly, I want to map capsLock to (preferably Left-)control, and map the menu key to caps lock.  I can map capsLock to control, but I can not then map menu to capsLock.

You've done something here that relies on name<-->name mapping instead of name<-->keysym mapping.  I'm really irritated by this, because now my key-swaps across all profiles have been un-done with no way of putting them back in.  I have to use a third-party keymapper for this!

When iCUE first came out, I could colourmap ALL the buttons with desired effects.
Then I couldn't map coloured effects to the m1/m2/m3/MR buttons.
Now I can't do key remaps to swap key locations!

Will you guys please get this right and stop removing functionality?


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  • Corsair Employees

There is no issue doing any of the binds you are trying to perform, though instead of pressing the key on the physical keyboard to map the buttons as you are trying to do, you will have to select the button on the actual image of the virtual keyboard as it indicates when setting up the remaps.








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  • Corsair Employees

Also would like to point out that iCUE 4.20.169 is several versions old as we are already on iCUE 4.23.xx

Edit: Scratch that, iCUE 4.24.xx launched this morning.


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