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Customer service is SLOW!

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I submitted a support request over two weeks ago and it took almost a week before I ever got a reply.  Now every time they send something to try it takes another 3 or 4 days before I hear anything back.  I paid over $300 for a H170i Elite LCD and all I get is flashing red lights, a red pump icon on the lcd and a "Pump Failure" message in iCue.  The pump appears to be working since my CPU temps are normal, but with paying this much money for something I expect it to work!



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Welcome in Corsair User Club.

Probably a half of this Forum having issues with H150 and H170….

I feel me also just hardly tricked into.

340 Euro paid to have headache and fun. 

we need more people, who will buy this scrap metal, because it’s not enough the think. It’s looks like this, as Corsair sells the devices worldwide in full power.

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