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ICUE 4 forces bunch of unrelated stuff open on my computer when updating the software

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Hey I am writing this because I had to do a fresh reinstall of icue 4 and when I hit uninstall my PC all the sudden opened Microsoft PowerPoint but I don't have a profile signed in so i forces my browser of choice open(in this case it is Firefox) to the sign in page for said program along with opening the settings about page open on a second monitor and I don't why it is doing this and it is does this anytime I install/uninstall/update icue 4 the software itself.

My OS is Windows 11 pro 25115.1000

ICUE 4 version 4.23.137 before I uninstalled to reinstall

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  • Corsair Employees

The build of Windows 11 you indicate that you have installed is an Insider Preview (BETA) build of the OS. As such when utilizing any any Beta software it can lead to unexpected behaviors and we are unable to troubleshoot or offer any sort of assistance when utilizing the beta build of the OS. We would recommend you revert back to the latest official release of the OS and then test to see if the issues persist.

If they do continue to occur after reverting to the latest official release of Windows 11 Pro we would recommend you reach out to our support team by opening a ticket at http://help.corsair.com

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