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Virtuoso SE Firmware Issues

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Hi all,

I've had my Virtuoso SE for the better part of a year now with no problems whatsoever. However recently after a new build (using awesome corsair parts) my ICUE software or headset has been interacting strangely with windows while in wireless mode.


The issues are:

While hearing audio in wireless mode i am unable to use the mic. However, when no audio is coming through the headset, my mic it works perfectly.

While using the mic i am unable to hear any windows audio

The side tone volume effects my windows audio volume so 50% side tone is actually just 50% system volume.

Mute button on mic mutes all windows audio instead of mic volume


I have tried (and will try again if needed):

Uninstalling headset drivers in windows device manager

Uninstalling and reinstalling ICUE

Updating all devices

Forcing a reset of the headset using the button combination


I have not been able to try forcing a firmware update as the option is greyed out but i would like to backdate the headset and also the wireless reciever to a previous version as im fairly convinced the 0.17.149 update is what messed it up but that is entirely speculation. Another bit of speculation is that windows seems unsure of how to properly interact with the microphone in wireless mode, any chance its a windows issue?


Firmware im running:

Virtuoso SE headset-  v. 0.17.149

Virtuoso SE wireless reciever- v. 0.16.80

ICUE- v. 4.23.137


Also just to reiterate these problems are only occuring in wireless mode. Wired mode works as expected with none of the problems mentioned above.


If you guys are able to help it would be amazing as i love this headset and its still in near perfect condition after a year of daily use. Its super well made and turned me into a bit of a corsair fan boy.


Thank you for your time,


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