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rgb fans or lcd dont appear in icue

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Hi Buddy.


Need a little more info.


What Motherboard/Platform are you on and how are the USB cables from each unit connected?

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I have the exact same problem.... Even when the pc is not booted up, I see the red triangle showing up on the LCD screen. Also, all the fans are blinking static red every 3 seconds... The fans do work without RGB and in iCue I can see that the temperature is fine, but the red triangle stays there. When in iCue, it shows the following error: "Unknown device, your device is not properly detected in iCue, please contact support".
I suppose this is a software bug, because sometimes when I restart my pc I can see the Corsair logo for a few seconds on the LCD (boot up) and right after that, the red triangle appears. So, the LCD panel is connected, however it can't be detected by the own Corsair software. I connected the cables from the Commander Pro directly to the motherboard, that didn't help. I uninstalled the iCue software and I also deleted the folders from %appdata% as well as %localappdata% and also from the C drive and programs and features, still no luck. Hell, I even repaired and checked my BIOS. That didn't work either.  Important to mention, every time I close the iCue software the LCD screen displays 0 degrees! And when I do a force reboot for the LCD firmware in the iCue app, it shows for 1 second what the actual temperature is. Then it disappears and it shows the red triangle again :(
I feel like I am really close to solving this. Could you please help me out? How can I solve this problem and let it detect my water cooler + RGB ??

Motherboard: Asus Rog Strix Z690-F Gaming wifi
CPU: i9-12900K (Socket 1700)
Water cooler: H100i Elite LCD

0 degrees cooler.jpg

Red warning sign cooler.jpg

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