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Power Button Backlight

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I have a Carbide 600Q case and have recently replaced the motherboard with an Asus Tuf Z690-Plus WiFi D4. Everything seems to be OK but the power button backlight blinks twice when switched on and then goes out. The PC appears to boot normally, I have checked the polarity of the System Power LED header. Could this be to do with Aura settings? The effect is set to 'Smart', and the shutdown effect is set to Off. The power button does not blink when in sleep mode.

I would appreciate your help.

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I have found the answer.

In the BIOS (EUFI)  Aura was set to Aura only (only RGB lights are on, power/status lights are off.). I have changed this to All On and the backlight works. The other modes are Stealth mode (All lights are off) and Aura off (RGB lights are off, power/status lights are on).

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