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problem with my k57 combo

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i bought the k57 combo keyboard and mouse

it says in the manual this:

NA_K57_RGB_Wireless_QSG_WEB.pdf (corsair.com)

K57 RGB WIRELESS features dynamic per-key lighting, fully-programmable with iCUE software to enable virtually unlimited lighting customization. It also comes with 11 built-in onboard lighting modes for instant illumination. Those modes can be accessed by FN combo key. BUILT-IN LIGHTING MODES LIGHTING MODE FN + KEY COMBO LIGHTING EFFECT LIGHTING MODE FN + KEY COMBO LIGHTING EFFECT 1 FN + 1 SPIRAL RAINBOW 7 FN + 7 COLOR SHIFT 2 FN + 2 RAIN 8 FN + 8 COLOR PULSE 3 FN + 3 RAINBOW WAVE 9 FN + 9 COLOR WAVE 4 FN + 4 VISOR 10 FN + 0 STATIC 5 FN + 5 TYPE LIGHTING (KEY) 11 FN + - NO LIGHTING 6 FN + 6 TYPE LIGHTING (RIPPLE)




i have the device fully installed and updated etc...


but when i press the Fn key + any number it wont change the keyboard RGB effect whatsoever !

one more thing, when plugged in with USB it will show more lighting effects than when used wirelessly in the iCUE software ???


any help greatly appreciated...

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  • Corsair Employees

The FN+Number Keys feature is to change the RGB of the keyboard when the iCUE software is not running. Also the keyboard only has Per-Key Lighting when plugged in via the USB cable, and reverts to Zone Lighting when utilized wirelessly. Due to the limited nature of the Zone Lighting it has fewer RGB effects available.

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