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computer was shutting down for no reason - fixed


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I'm running dual Opteron 2200's on a MSI K8T Master Far mobo. I have 4 sticks of the CMX512RE-3200LLPT. A couple of months ago my computer starting shutting down when running certain CAD/3D apps... Not consistently but often enough to be a nascence. Sometimes the computer would run for a week with no problem, sometimes 5-6 times a day it would just shut down. Half the time I'd get the blue screen the other times it would just shut down.


I've searched for the last two months trying to isolate the problem. Upgraded my video card, had the power supply checked, disconnected all peripherals, but to no avail. I found on this forum to run "memtest 86" to see if the memory was going bad. Sure enough after a couple of passes with all four chips in the test started to fail repeatedly. I checked every chip individually and in each socket for about an hour a piece and none of them gave an error??? So I disregarded the first test and thought maybe the motherboard or something when bad.


Since then I've been dealing with the infrequent shut-downs and just living with it, until I could take it no longer... Once again I began from the beginning. The last time it shut down I felt for heat on the chips to see if something was wrong and sure enough... one of the chips was room temperature (after more than an hour of running). I wanted to make sure it wasn't the board so I swapped them around. The same chip was not heating up as the others were. So I removed that chip and it's partner. I have yet to have had a problem since. I have run all the programs that were causing the shut downs and everything is working great... a little slower, but at least not shutting down!


I'm trying to get this chip (or the set of chips) replaced and the form I'm filling out has a required field for POST ID#. Which brings me to this forum. Sorry for the length of it, but If anyone is going through the headache I had to go through hopefully this post may save them some time.

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