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CORSAIR iCUE macOS v4.2X.XXX - "The Installation Failed" Solution

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Ran into this issue myself, and was able to get it working with version "iCUE-4.23.137-release"

This is actually a solution from the following thread by user "Virgilio Fornazin", so all credit to him. I just created a ruby program to automate the process:


1. Go to above link, right-click the "Raw" button and select "Download Linked File"

2. Open a terminal window and type "chmod +x " then drag and drop the downloaded file into the terminal window (Note: there should be a space between the "x" and the file name) and hit enter.

3, Drag and drop the downloaded file once more into the terminal window and hit enter.

4. Follow the prompts.


Any issues, please feel free to reach out. Hopefully this helps.

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The latest iCUE 4.24.xx that released earlier this week resolves the installations issues with MacOS Monterey.  You can get the latest version by going to the download page on the Corsair website or by using the link below.


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