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Hotkey for record macro.

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Hi! 🙂 I really don't understand - developers tried at least once to record some macro with mouse in icue? No hotkey for start/stop record. Ok, it wouldn't be a big problem, if existed easy way to delete some first moves/pressings. But even one move of mouse icue show as hundreds of actions - you can't easy find, select and delete some actions. It's very annoying and disappointing. Please, send this issue to developers. Thanks in advance. P. S. Sorry for my English - it's not my mother tongue.

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Posted (edited)

Some more problems I found.

1. When you edit moves in edit window, scroll of mouse jump over too many steps in this window. If you have, for example, 70000 steps, one step of wheel jump you over thousands rows. And in bottom and top of scroll line you even don't have arrows to jump over 1 row up or down - only slider which does not allow you to find row you need,

2. You can't at start of record macro set absolute coordinates for mouse cursor - only relative. But after recording you can set it for every move of mouse alone. When you have these moves about 10000+, it awesome (no)!


Dear developers, please fix it! In current view this tool is complete broken and unusable. Thanks in advance.

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P. S. When you make editing window big (pressing button with two arrows) you can't move this window at all and hotkeys like delete don't work.

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