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iCue not recognizing pump speed, fans (h115i elite capellix)

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I was being stupid and i unplugged the pump tach cable while my pc was on. This led to the AIO's LEDs blinking red and the fans running at 100% speed. Upon plugging the tach cable back into the CPU_FAN header, the AIO is still doing the same thing while iCue shows a "Pump failure" error, claims the pump is at 0rpm and doesn't display the fans' speed. I tried resetting the commander core and power cycling my system, but iCue still doesn't recognize the pump speed correctly. The AIO is working perfectly, temps being only 4 degrees above ambient at idle. Worth noting is also that the motherboard doesn't show a CPU fan being plugged in, even though it used to prior to me unplugging the tach cable for the first time. 

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