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RMA? Value Select PC3200 + Shuttle Shuttle XPC ST61G4

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I have a Shuttle Shuttle XPC ST61G4 that I run as an HTPC, I've been running it for the last 9 months with one Value Select PC3200 512MB module, last week I ordered another to bump it up to 1GB. The new module seems to be faulty.


Ran Memtest 86+ and got all sorts of errors in Test 4 on the new module in two different systems.


First tried both modules at default speed settings and voltage, Memtest gave me errors. I upped the voltage to 2.7 and still got errors. Lowered timings to 2.5-4-4-8 and 3.0-4-4-8, got errors. Tried switching the modules from mobo slot 1 to slot 2 and vice-versa, still got errors. Tried the new module by itself in both slots and got errors. Tried the original in both slots and got no errors.


Moved the modules to another system and got the same results.


Is there anything else I should try?


Thanks for your help,


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Is there someplace I can go to research what the error codes from Memtest mean? The website does a pretty good job of telling you what a specific test actually does but it doesn't say what it means if you're getting errors.


In my case, it says

Test 4 uses the same algorithm as test 1 but the data pattern is a random number and it's complement. This test is particularly effective in finding difficult to detect data sensitive errors. A total of 60 patterns are used. The random number sequence is different with each pass so multiple passes increase effectiveness.


So... what does it mean if I'm getting errors in Test 4 but not in Test 1?

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