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7 new features for iCUE macros request

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Feature 1.  Currently it is possible to assign only one macro to every key and select one of assignment triggers on-keypress, while-pressed, on-release or toggle. It should be changed so that every assignment trigger could have own macro. On-keypress macro can be interrupted at any state so on-release macro is needed to complete interrupted macro. There may be pressed keys which are needed to release. I wish to get this feature as soon as possible.

Feature 2. New assignment trigger type while-long-pressed. Its triggered when key is pressed long enough. Argument is time out. 180 ms is good default value.  Running while-pressed macro may take longer than what long press timeout is. For such cases there should be option to select can while-pressed macro be interrupted by while-long-pressed macro or not. If selected that can not interrupt then while-long-pressed macro is runned after while-pressed macro. Using long press macros increases one key functionality which reduces waste of keys.  Interrupting while-long-pressed macro can be used to cancel operations.

Feature 3.  Comment line to macro.

Feature 4. Call other macro from macro. This is needed to make several test cases to test macro under development.  

Feature 5.  In feature 4 possible to run macro as argument given times or constantly. As argument      

Feature 6.  From macro switch profile.

Feature 7.  From macro set vertically inverted mouse movement feature on and off. In games when 
controlling flying devices with mouse, moving mouse backwards raises nose, but in some devices is need to move mouse forwards to raise nose which is annoying.  In vertically inverted mode, when mouse is moved forward mouse sends mouse moved backwards event to PC and when mouse is moved backwards mouse sends mouse moved forward event to PC.  Horizontally no changes. This could also be option in Profile Switching Advanced tab. I wish to get this feature as soon as possible.

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