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H115i elite capellix pump failure

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I've just installed the h115i elite capellix into my system and I can see the fans working and pump flashing with lights on startup. I then get a bios message saying cpu fan error and when I continue the boot and the fans/pump started flashing red, I check the icue software and it says there is a pump failure. I'm convinced I've installed it correctly but have no idea what could be wrong.

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Unfortunately this issue seems to be popping up right now. The cooler is still running so your cpu is safe, but error state prevents any type of control over the Commander Core, it’s fans, pump, or rgb. 

Contact Corsair Support through the link at the bottom of the page or through the main website. 

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(sorry I'm french, I use google translate)

Hello, I have the same problem with my H115i capelix. "pump problem" error message

Did you find a solution?



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Hey all I have found the solution to the Red flashing with pump failure error inside of icue and would like to share my solution.


when your pump is still running like normal and your fans are stuck at 100% I found that going into the icue settings and checking for an update (doesn’t matter if you just updated your pumps firmware) and Forcing the update has fixed my problem as I have had my H115i Elite Capellix installed for 4 days and have had 2 errors so far


NOTE: if the update you force provides any error and icue crashes you can just force it to close in task manager then relaunch it as an administrator







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