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ST100 Driver Issue

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The main problem:
ST100 When plugged into usb port, it causes mainly my drivers (including K55 and non-corsair headset driver) to randomly disconnect-reconnect, by chance, it causes an dangerous crash on both drivers and also the ST100, to actualy not respond nor fix itself, but not the Razer equipment, sadly, i can't do much about it, And i have no ST100 Headset, but the ST100 automaticly reïnstalls the drivers while no headset is used, the battery failed because the headset does not have smart charging.

The failed solutions:
I tried to disable the audio drivers of it and in windows settings set everything to my main stuff, but as it seems after i gave it an chance today, it continued to disconnect-reconnect randomly, i only allowed it once to do it and then straight up unplug it without any dangerous left behind harms to driver victims.

What helped:
When i unplug the ST100 it wont cause any issues, this is the only solution left, and if your wondering, im using it for a reason.

Main use:
The features "Temperature" in lightning using ICUE, is mainly for CPU And GPU temps for measuring any critical temperatures and that i should instantly close the program that im playing on.

Screenshot for proof:spacer.png

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  • Corsair Employees

Hi Axmaz

The ST100 itself has an audio jack passthrough that your system will detect as an audio device. If you leave it plugged in and change your primary sound device, it shouldn't switch to the active device on it's own. 

Hope this helps.

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I don't have an audio output plug but only mic, and i have an headset usb, (this is ganna be a bit harder and longer than i though tbh)

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  • Corsair Employees

If you have the ST100 plugged in via USB, it will be detected as a 'sound controller' effectively. This is because of that audio passthrough it has an option. 

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