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Cannot progress through iCue wizard if XD5 pump is plugged into MB AIO_PUMP header

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Hi -

Firstly, I understand that the instructions state to plug the XD5 into Fan #6 on Commander Pro. I have 6 QL fans and no splitter, so I need each one of those fan ports on the Commander Pro. Searching these forums, I found an employee suggest that any sort of PUMP header on the motherboard would be just fine. In my case, I plugged it into my ROG Strix B550-A AIO_PUMP port pictured here: https://imgur.com/zIoesbS

Once I boot up icue, the XD5 pump is not shown. It suggests I go through a wizard to add it, and wants me to select which fan port on the commander pro has the XD5 plugged into it. There is no option to select anything other than fan ports, all of which are occupied by fans. Any suggestion on how to move forward? 

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get a splitter to free a port on the Commander pro..

That said, the hydroX wizard is the last thing you want to use for a custom loop. You're better off setting the pump to a fixed speed from within the motherboard BIOS,  that's high enough to keep temps in check, or free a port on the Copro and create a custom curve to achieve just that.

The hydroX wizard consistently runs the pump way too slow which leads to high temperatures.

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As above. Pair two fans on a standard two way PWM splitter on the Commander. You don’t want pump control in the motherboard anyway.  This is something you’ll want software access to as you get acclimated to how your system works. 

It’s no longer required for the pump to be on #6 and it will ask you where it is. 

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