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Corsair memory slight mismatch, a problem ?

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Did these come in the same pack?  Or are you attempting to mix and match different single stick kits?  If you bought a 2x8 (16GB) kit and they came like that, send it back.  That's either an accident or one of those "Amazon return specials".  


If you are trying to combine 2 kits, I would do two things.

1) Make a back up of your C drive or restore point in case you get into some bad boot loops.  This can mess up the OS.

2) Those are probably different ICs, so you will need to go with the higher set of timings.  XMP will not work.  You need to manually set 16-20-20-38 for both and 1.35v.  The secondary and tertiary can be left on auto.  Set something appropriate for the System Agent voltage and VCCIO.  Most motherboard should be fine at.... is this a 3600 MHz kit?  I am guessing since you didn't say.  

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