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Change of profile automatically.

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Hello good,

I have a problem with the icue application.

Latest version of icue installed on windows 10, also in the previous version the problem also occurred to me.

When I apply an already saved profile, when I go to the desktop, it returns me to the default profile.

In other words, every time the icue application is not in the first window, it changes my profile automatically.

With the icue application in the first window, the profile is maintained, but when you go to the desktop or click on any application, the icue profile is automatically changed to the default profile.

Do you have any solution to the problem???

I don't have any program that can change my profile, since my entire system is corsair.

Thank you very much.
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If you link your profiles to a specific .exe program, then the profile cannot be an active unless that program is in focus.  It will stay active when in CUE for editing purposes.  Non-linked profiles stay active when returning to the desktop or any non-linked program.  

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