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PC2100 memory gone bad...RMA??

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I am attempting to see if I can warranty a piece of PC2100 DDR Corsair memory that I bought several years back and had been working fine till recently. I am not sure where I purchased the part at though it most likely was newegg.com.


I started to fill out an RMA form but noticed I had to post here first and recieve a confirmation.


The problem is I had this 256MB PC2100 DDR in my desktop for several years with another 256 MB of Corsair. Last winter I started to get some blue screens and found that I was having trouble getting the computer to fully boot succesful everytime. I pulled out the memory sticks one at a time and found this stick was giving me the problem. I have since tried the ram in 3 different PC's, another ASUS board, ECS board and EPOX board. 2 of which would not even complete the boot into windows. 1 of which made it two windows but locked up. Can I send this ram back for testing and possible replacement.



TJ Plunkett

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