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Corsair Commander Core XT - Power Capacity Question


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Per other FAQs in this forum, the Commander Core XT supports 1A per fan header and 4.5A total for the entire unit.

When looking at fans such as the LL120 RGB 120mm PWM Fan, they have a separate RGB cable an a fan control cable.  They list 0.3A current draw.  I'm assuming the 0.3A current draw is for the fan motor portion only.

What is the current draw for the RGB lighting for each fan?


For example, I have 8x LL120 fans that I want to connect to a single Commander Core XT.  This means two fans connectors and two RGB connectors would need splitters.

The fan connections would be:    [ 0.3A   |   0.3A   |   0.3A   |   0.3A   |   0.3A + 0.3A   |   0.3A + 0.3A ] = 2.4 A

The rgb connections would be:   [    ?      |      ?       |     ?      |      ?      |       ?    +    ?     |      ?    +     ?   ]  =    ?



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for the fans it's the maximum current, like, when accelerating. at steady speed, the current draw is much less

for fan LED current draw have look here :



Remember ARGB pulls from the 5V, and fan motors from 12V.

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Thanks for this!

The max current spec of 4.5A for the Commander Core XT is confusing.  Is it only applied to the fan ports?  If not, then I'm assuming this is 4.5A max @ 12v = 54 watts max for the entire unit - both fans and RGB.


For example, using Corsair LL120 RGB LED 120mm fans.  They have 16 LEDS @ 39.94 mA / LED = 639 mA per fan @ 5v = 3.2 watts per fan.

The fan connections @ 12v would be:    [ 0.3A   |   0.3A   |   0.3A   |   0.3A   |   0.3A + 0.3A   |   0.3A + 0.3A ] = 2.4 A * 12v = 28.8 watts for 6 fans

The rgb connections would be:   [  0.639 A    |    0.639 A    |    0.639 A    |     0.639 A    |    0.639 A   +    0.639 A    |    0.639 A  +  0.639 A   ]  =  5.11A @ 5v = 25.55 watts for 6 RGB fan lighting

So 28.8 watts for fan control, and 25.55 watts for RGB lighting = 54.35 watts for everything, which is over the 4.5A max @ 12v.  Likewise, splitting an RGB header on the Commander Core XT to power two RGB fan lightings means 0.639A + 0.639A > 1A listed max per port.  But again, is the 1A only applied to 12V fan ports?

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Posted prematurely....to follow up above post:

In general, what do the amperage ratings on the Commander Core XT apply to?  Only fan connectors or are they inclusive of the RGB lighting connectors too?

Also, are these amperage ratings @ 12v?  So 1A @ 12v fans = 12 watts, but 2.4A @ 5v LED = 12 watts.

These ratings seem ambiguous without the additional info above.

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